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Charity Care

Scott County Hospital's Charity Care provides eligible established patients with a charitable write-off of medical expenses based on the current poverty guidelines.
An application for Charity Care should be completed when a patient does not have third party payer coverage or will have a substantial personal payment responsibility and does not have the resources to make such payment.
Eligibility for Charity Care is determined after an applicant completes the following qualifications:

1) Complete a Financial Statement.
2) Provide most recent tax return. If no tax return was filed, please provide your previous three (3) months bank statements.
3) Provide three (3) months pay stubs from current employer.
4) Provide non-eligibility letter from Medicaid. You can apply for Medicaid by clicking here.
5) Provide loan denial for services. You must apply for a loan at a financial institution of your choice for payment of your hospital bill. If you do not qualify for the loan, we need a copy of the denial.
6) Any other documentation that supports financial need.

The above need to be returned to the Business Office within 15 days from the day the information is given. All taxable and non-taxable income will be considered.
Charity Care write-offs will be applicable only to amounts outstanding after payment has been received from all other sources. Meals On Wheels, Intermediate Care services, medication and supply pickups, elective services and accounts that have been turned into collection are excluded from Charity Care consideration.

For more information on Charity Care, contact the Business Office by calling (620) 872-5811.