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Swing Bed - Skilled Care

A person needs skilled care when he/she has health problems that require daily skilled nursing care or other skilled rehabilitation services. These services must be medically necessary, and are determined by a physician. To qualify for swing bed, the patient must have completed a 3-day hospital stay prior to admission. Admission to the swing bed unit must be within 30 days of discharge from an acute hospital. While in swing bed, further treatment of a condition treated in acute care must be provided.

Skilled care means that you will receive supervision 24 hours a day in a comfortable and safe environment while benefiting from rehabilitation, activities, and other programs. We will maintain your personal dignity and independence, and, whenever possible, teach you to care for yourself. We encourage our Swing Bed Residents to participate in their plan of care. We encourage your family to assist with your daily routine activities.

Addition to Physicians, RN's, and LPN's, members of our health care team include:

Registered Pharmacist - who will oversee the dispensing of drugs and medications.
Registered Dietitian - who oversees planning and preparation of nutritious meals following the physician's orders.
Therapists - who will work with patients to regain strength through physical exercise and provide training in daily living.
Licensed Social Worker - who will help the family, patients, and staff with problems and helping make plans for after discharge from the facility.
Swing Bed Coordinator - who will provide daily monitoring of the program.