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D. Mark Burnett
President and Chief Executive Officer

CEO's Message

Scott County Hospital is all about friendly faces and caring hearts with a genuine desire for providing excellent patient care.

The greatest opportunity one can receive is being given the honor of service to your community. I am proud to have been given the role of leading Scott County Hospital, a health care institution with a long and proud heritage and a future directed towards growth. Scott County Hospital was founded with a vision to serve the needs of the community, and I look forward to continuing that tradition. It is my goal to enhance the trust and confidence of the patients we serve.

Scott County Hospital has been blessed with a community that recognizes the need to support their local hospital, and they understand that the success of the hospital helps assure success of the community, both economically and with an eye towards future viability. Your hospital supports the largest single employer workforce in our county. We believe our payroll pays all of our community dividends.

The healthcare environment today is constantly changing. I am committed to working with our Scott County team to manage that change in a positive fashion whether it is advances in technology or the sweeping change of Federal Health Care reform. In accomplishing this we will live up to our motto of 'Leading you to a Healthy Future'

My vision is simple: To build and maintain the trust, confidence, reliability and access that our patients seek. While accomplishing this goal our hospital must remain financially viable during what are the most challenging healthcare and economic times in our nation's history. Increased insurance costs, decreased reimbursements and a critically short supply of trained professional staff all contribute to this problem. By working closely with the citizens we serve, the medical staff, our hospital team and by providing quality information for our Board of Directors to utilize in planning and decision making, it is my goal to not only provide the highest quality care but to maintain and improve our hospitals economic viability.

I believe the future for Scott County is a vision of growth and progress, and to that end, I will strive to assure a strong healthcare foundation.

Again, I feel distinctly privileged and honored to be the leader of the Scott County Hospital team. My focus is simple: Patient care comes first, quality is always assured.


D. Mark Burnett
President and Chief Executive Officer